Whitepaper: SPAN-AI UCDN 2024

This Whitepaper describes how SPAN-AI will deliver a new, autonomous Internet enabling next-generation applications. There is an increasing consensus, supported by growing empirical evidence of [...]

Next-Generation Apps Enabled by SPAN

Technologist Jaime Llorca explores the next-generation consumer and industry applications that will require the scalability and low-latency inherent in SPAN. The first wake up call unveiling the [...]

How We Build the Metaverse

GT Systems CTO Rhett Sampson looks at what’s needed to deliver the metaverse and how much of it is already available. There is a lot of fuss about the metaverse at the moment. The good news is [...]

Live Sports Delivery

Fundamentally, the Internet was not designed for live broadcast. There is no inherent Internet architecture or protocol for it. Telco engineers describe it as “threading an elephant through the [...]