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Span: The Intelligent Internet

Introducing SPAN – the Intelligent Internet.

SPAN is a fully distributed network architecture delivering scalability and efficiency by maximising the use of every network resource.

The edge of the future.

A holistically intelligent network that communicates, connects and distributes for the benefit of all.


GT Systems has now had several reports of a fraudulent website https://www.gtsystems-technical.com/ unlawfully using our brand and reputation from our website gtsystems.io to defraud people of very serious amounts of money, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The scam appears to be an extremely sophisticated global con offering crypto rewards for “optimisation tasks” that of course can never be fully completed, requiring ongoing top-ups of “stakes” that are never returned. This has been reported to Australian government, police and the FBI in the USA.

GT Systems currently has no operations relating to crypto. Any requests for crypto transactions under our name are fraudulent.

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