About GT Systems

Deep experience

We design, develop and build next-generation content delivery networks.

GT Systems has been researching, modelling and designing next generation networks for over a decade. Combining work with Bell Labs, CSIRO, Protocol Labs, and others, we work with global leaders in the field. The genesis of our work began 15 years ago with the CSIRO team who invented WiFi. It was extended with Protocol Labs and their work on distributed storage. And consolidated with work out of Bell Labs on network modelling and optimisation. Our team consists of senior advisers from all these organisations and some of the most experienced, innovative and capable people in the industry.

Design, develop and build

GT Systems designs, develops, and builds foundation network technology and next generation Content Delivery Networks (CDN). We call these Universal CDN or UCDN because they are fully interoperable and designed for next gen applications at scale: industrial automation (IoT); machine vision; AR and VR; broadcast and narrowcast live streaming and on-demand video; gaming; 5G.

Our business

We operate in the fields of: fully distributed networks; Software Defined Networks (SDN); virtual networks and functions (VNI/VNF); elastic networks; cloud edge networks; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in networks; network modelling and optimisation. Our four main businesses are:

  • Research, development, and licensing of our patented SPAN-AI Universal CDN technology
  • Next gen network product development
  • Highly sophisticated, graph based, cloud network slice modelling and optimisation of networks
  • Design/build/handover/operate of next gen CDN (UCDN) networks

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