Next-Generation Network Delivery

The growth of the Internet requires more than current networking approaches can suppport.

Limits of CDNs exposed

The Internet, and particularly its core protocol stack, TCP/IP, are reaching their limits of growth. This is evident in the increasing occurrence of “the spinning wheel of death” (buffering) and increasingly frequent global catastrophic failures of major CDN providers. COVID19 broke every telco and CDN network in the world, when traffic load moved to the edge overnight and the use of video conferencing, streaming, and gaming “went through the roof”. Sovereign nations had to appeal to Netflix, YouTube, etc. to reduce their traffic so their national networks could scramble to reconfigure.

Emerging applications require even more

New applications such as industrial automation (IoT), machine vision, AR, gaming, 5G etc. have latency, caching and processing requirements that are beyond the capability of most legacy, centralised, hierarchical networks. Even if we were to try and rebuild them, the cost would be prohibitive.

We have next-generation CDN solutions - now

GT Systems has been researching and solving these problems for over a decade. We work with leaders in the field at CSIRO, Protocol Labs, Bell Labs, etc. to design and build next generation content distribution network systems (ngCDN) that are hyper-scalable and interoperable. We call them Universal Content Distribution Networks (UCDN). We build our distributed, elastic, content based, autonomous and self-optimising networks alongside, and interoperable with, traditional networks. We are working with global network equipment suppliers to add our SPAN-AI protocol stacks and capabilities to their systems.